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Steven Safruik

Digital Production/Art Director

Steven Safruik

What do you love about what you do?

It’s a challenge every day, and you have to push yourself to try new things to expand your knowledge and improve your skills. Also, being part of something that reaches so many people in a meaningful way is pretty cool.

What is the most challenging part of what you do?

Every project is new and different and that can be a challenge, but it’s also what makes it fun and exciting. You never know just where to start…or when to stop for that matter.

Why is advertising important?

Advertising informs, educates, promotes and has the potential to shift perceptions. It can be creative and funny or a force for change and, if done well, reaches people on an emotional level.

Favourite ad campaign of all time?

Diamond Shreddies. Genius.

Favourite movie?

No Country for Old Men

Living or dead, which 1 person would you love to have drinks with?

Wes Anderson, just to learn what goes on in a brain like that. I would like to learn more about his process.

What are you most proud of?

I learned to speak Korean! I’m also very proud of the work I do at Bravo Tango and the great team we have here.

Who do you admire?

Daniel Libeskind. He pushes the boundaries of modern architecture in a unique and beautiful way.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I can easily polish off a family size bag of Old Dutch chips.

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